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Brentwood Veterinary Hospital


Vaccinations help keep your animals healthy and happy. At Brentwood Veterinary Hospital we offer full vaccines for your pets.

Personalized Pet Vaccination Programs

Because we are geared to care for your individual pet, we don’t prescribe to the school of blanket health care. We administer vaccines based solely and completely on the needs of your pet.

Early Detection is Vital

As we mentioned in the section on puppies and kittens, they need to be assessed as soon as possible.

In the case of kittens, we believe that prior to vaccination, they should be tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS because certain medications are not effective if the kitten has already developed either of these diseases.


When it comes to worming, we feel that all puppies and kittens should be de-wormed as early as possible. But if your pet is at a very young age, we might decide to wait to ensure that your pet’s internal organs are mature enough to handle treatment.

All puppies and kittens are tested, as early as possible, for intestinal parasites.

If you chose to get a pet from the Humane Society, or take in a stray, or in some other way inherit an older pet, it should be brought in for a full physical exam as soon as possible.

Dogs over six months should always be tested for heartworm.

Visit our Parasite Control page to learn more about deworming your pet.

Interested in having your pet vaccinated? Schedule an appointment with Brentwood Veterinary Hospital today.