Payment Options and Pet Insurance

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very six seconds a pet in this country will require veterinary care costing more than $1000. Are you prepared? Pet insurance gives you the power to protect the health of your furry family members, without having to compromise your ability to meet your family's financial needs.

You never know when an accident may happen. Being faced with unexpected veterinary bills can force many families to make a tough choice between treating their beloved pet or meeting their family's financial needs at home. Pet insurance allows one to focus on giving their pet the best quality care instead of focusing on the expense of treatment.

Brentwood Veterinary Hospital recommends the pet insurance companies listed below. Our staff has spent countless hours researching the difference between these companies and feel that the four listed below give you the best value and coverage.

For more information on all of the insurance plans avaiable, please download our Pet Insurance Info Sheet or visit

Embrace Pet Insurance

Petplan Pet Insurance
Petplan pet insurance is the number one choice of veterinarians. Click here for a 5% discount!

Trupanion Pet Insurance
Trupanion Pet Insurance




Our Financial Policy form describes Brentwood Veterinary Hospital’s payment policy in detail. Please download and read the form, and call us at (925) 634-1177if you have any questions.

Download the Financial Policy.